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☆ This is what they call love

On && On - Precious Love <3

19 June
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I'm a 25-year-old girl from Germany.
At the moment I really love K-music and can't live without it ! ♥
I'm a totally clumsy person, I fall over everything and let fall anything I hold XD But I guess that makes me special, huh? ^.~
I'm normally a really nice person, but really shy to ppl I don't know, but nevertheless I really love to make new friends <3
Maybe I seem to be a little bit cold to others because I can't open up to everybody until I know them well. (don't get me wrong then, just try to get to know me better ^.~)
I'm absolutely dorky and clownish and don't act like I'm my age XD

Music ♪ that makes me happy ♥
Shinhwa <3 ♥♥♥ ♫ SS501 ♫ U-Kiss ♫ B2ST ♫ Super Junior ♫ NU'EST ♫ miss A ♫ ZE:A ♫ DB5K ♫ BtoB ♫ CNBlue ♫

Bias ♥
Shin Hyesung × Eunhyuk × Son Dongwoon × Junsu × Park Jungmin

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